The Night Before

Posted on Mar 10 2010 - 11:45pm by Kelley
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March 10, 2009 at 10pm marked the beginning of everything…..

This time last year, I was counting down the days until my scheduled c section. Nothing could make me take my mind off meeting my little man. Everyday I woke up wondering what he would look like, who he would resemble. Would he have my eyes? What about Kyle’s nose? I hoped he wouldn’t have Kyle’s nose!!

Last year at this time, I had already had an amnio test done to check for lung materity and about a million ultrasounds. All of which showed me that healthy, growing baby inside of me. I had dreams of holding him in my arms, sining him lullabies, snuggling him to sleep.

My c section was scheduled on March 13th, my original due date was the 29th, but because of what the ultrasound was showing (a 10lb baby!!!???) We decided to schedule it sooner. Little did we know.. Landyn Carter had a mind of his own…..

At 10pm on March 10, Kyle and I got into bed to get one of our final full nights of sleep! Oh how I used to love sleeping in, in the mornings! Not 10 seconds after we laid down there it came…..

“Ummm… I think my water just broke.”

Then comes the light,…. and I stand up, and I am COVERED in total wetness. What did we do? Call the DR? Rush to grab my bag that I SHOULD HAVE already packed!? No. We laugh. We laugh like there’s not tomorrow! Here I am standing in a puddle of amniotic fluid, drenched in this water. And we are laughing to the point of tears! Oh wait.. you think that’s funny? Wait until you hear what my adoring and absently concerning husband says…

“OMG! I have to go shower and shave so I look good for pictures!”

Here I am, waddling with towels between my legs, packing my bags, calling very person in my phonebook to laugh about the unpredicted news.

About 45 minutes later, we are ready to go. Instead of being in a complete rush out the door, I stand in the middle of the kitchen and cry my eyes out! This time it’s not a laughing cry, it’s an “Oh my God! We are going to have a baby and I don’t know what I’m doing!” kind of cry.

After waiting in the delivery room all night with contractions (blissfully unfelt!) THANK GOD, we get prepared and ready for the start of the rest of our lives…..

….Landyn Carter Crowe. A year ago at 8:05am on March 11th graced us with his appearance. Coming into a world of chaos and creating something so simple and perfect.

So I sit here right now on March 10, 2010 and I laugh at the moments leading up to your birth and I remember every little detail from that day forward, and I think surely, life can’t get any better than this!


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