9 Week Peak!

Posted on Dec 11 2010 - 10:05pm by Kelley
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Well baby Crowe # 2 is making its appearance on Forever’s Like a Dream! I had an appointment yesterday and a 9 week ultrasound and this little pea was measuring in at 9 weeks and 5 days! I even got to see its little arms and legs moving around… kicking like crazy!! I don’t remember ever seeing that with LC much (definitely not that early!) He was such a low key baby both in my belly and out, that he wasn’t very active… although he is making up for that now!! haha

So far, this pregnancy and baby are so completely different! It was so amazing to see that little life on the screen once again and I look forward to going back in 3 weeks for more!

Next week, watch for a much anticipated post! I will be taking the Intelligender Gender Prediction Test (which they say is 80-90% accurate!) I will for sure post my results and expecting mama’s – watch for a GIVEAWAY! So far, the consensus says this baby is a girl…. we shall see!

Here is a 9 week ultrasound comparison between LC and this baby. How crazy is that difference!?

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