24 Week Peek!

Posted on Mar 28 2011 - 8:24am by Kelley
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As LC and I hang out this morning and get ready for my doctor’s appointment, I figured it was time to post my most recent 3d ultrasound photos! We went to The Prenatal Picture last week to have a little glimpse at baby Lavery and we were amazed at how clearly we could see her!

She was posing for us and wiggling around like crazy! She had the umbilical cord up in her face, so she spent the first half of the ultrasound batting at it trying to get it down. Finally – she did! LC had the best time watching his baby “sissy” on the screen!

Mary was awesome and we had a great experience and look forward to going back in a few months!  If we thought we could see her well now… I wonder what it will look like at close to 36 weeks!

I’ve never taken LC to a doctor’s appointment before (other than ultrasounds, ) so we will see how it goes, but he says good morning to her every morning, and gives her kisses throughout the day, so I think it will be fun for him to get to hear her heartbeat and be a part of the process a little bit more!

So here is your 24 week peek (hopefully I will take some bump pics to post soon too!) We think she’s looking a lot like her proud big brother!!

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