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Posted on Aug 24 2012 - 10:06am by Kelley

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So ever since my Bachelorette blogging binge, I have STILL been watching Bachelor Pad 3 religiously, but haven’t had the time in recent weeks to blog about it. That’s (hopefully) going to change, because this season is TOO GOOD not to blog!!… Agree?

So first, let’s talk Blakeley, because you all know that I love Blakeley! 1. She’s from Charlotte. 2. She’s gorgeous. 3. She is so down to earth (and incredibly sweet in person too. Ya.. she waxes my eyebrows. Or did one time then went to film BP3 and I have yet to be back to see her.)

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Seriously… POOR BLAKELEY. Everyone is so awful to her! I do not understand why everyone says she’s so annoying or mean. She’s confident. So what? She wants to win. Umm HELLOOO… so does EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON THERE! You play the game and you play it to win it. Why the heck else would you waste time away from your everyday life? Just to mess it up and give yourself a missed opportunity? Well, you’re dumb if that’s what you’re doing.

¬†Bachelor Pad 3 is about the MONEY. It’s about going there to WIN, have a good time, and give some good action for TV. Bachelor Pad wasn’t invented to go and make friends and just cruise right through. What kind of TV would that make?

Next.. Jaclyn Swartz. I just have to say, I cannot stand her. I will admit, she’s growing on me a little bit from the first few episodes. Mostly though, because Ed is a JERK! I honestly felt so bad for her when Ed told everyone he was just looking for a good time after repeatedly hooking up with Jaclyn and sleeping in her bed every night. That is something no girl should ever have to hear (and in front of not only a group of her roommates, but national TV too.) I didn’t like her, because she was so awful to Blakeley in the beginning. How can someone (who doesn’t have much to brag about themselves) be so nasty or go out of her way to be fake and conniving? That’s what I didn’t like. It does however via Twitter and Instagram seem like the two are now very close, so good for them.

And Michael Stagliano! It’s starting to feel like a “Bachelor” show isn’t a show without Michael Stagliano! First, I love Michael. I loved him on Jillian’s season of The Bachelorette and I loved him on last season’s Bachelor Pad. He has always seemed like the most down to earth guy from the show and he didn’t seem fake or conniving at all. However, that all changed in this last episode. I will say it was disappointed to see Michael plot against Erica Rose, HOWEVER… it is a game, and you can’t blame him for that. ¬†I wish he hadn’t felt like he had to do it, but thanks to Chris, he did and unfortunately, it didn’t work out for him and Michael was sent home.

By the way.. that twist? It was actually a real twist! Bachelor Pad is surprising me this season with using a lot less recycled material and making things interesting!

I won’t even bother talking about Chris. I liked him on Emily’s season, but I think it’s safe to say Emily most definitely dodged a bullet on this one and good riddens! Let’s just hope he gets what he has coming for next week!

So let’s talk couples… anything surprising about these adorable pairings?

Kalon and Lindzy (Kalon from Emily’s season and Lindzi from Brad’s)

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Blakeley and Tony (Blakeley from Brad’s season and Tony from Emily’s)

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Chris and Sarah (Chris from Emily’s season and Sarah from Brad’s season)

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Michael and Rachel and Erica Rose and Nick were paired, so Rachel and Nick will now become partners by default.

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And lastly… Ed and Jaclyn. (Ed from Jillian’s season and Jaclyn from Brad’s.)

Let’s see if Chris’s scheming finally catches up with him next week! Anyone have a favorite couple so far?

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