The Bachelor 17 {Episode 1} Breaking All the Rules

Posted on Jan 8 2013 - 5:06pm by Kelley

So if you’re a Bachelor fan and like me, did not read any spoilers for this season… you were in for some surprises last night! I’ll start by saying, Sean Lowe… you’re an awesome Bachelor! He’s not messing around. I couldn’t count on my hands how many times someone has said that about a past Bachelor/Bachelorette, but he wasn’t messing around and even handed out a rose to Tierra (who I will go on the record as saying I really really liked from her intro video) right at her introduction out of the limo.

However…. we all know the Bachelor franchise and I have to wonder; did SEAN change the rules, or did the producers TELL him to!? I’d love to hear your thoughts.. so weigh in on the comments below.

So.. let’s get to the good stuff! Back flips gone bad, wedding dresses, horrible country crooners, and more… this stuff CAN’T be real. Can it!? NO WAY! There is NO WAY any girl… okay, I’ll rephrase.. MOST girls in their right minds would do this crap on national TV in front of a guy with abs like Sean!

Oh and let’s not forget about Fifty Shades of FREAK. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember many of the girls names aside from Katie (with the crazy curls) because, she’s a yoga instructor in Charlotte, Lindsay, because she wore a WEDDING DRESS.. really!? And Tierra, because I liked her. I gave everyone else crazy names. Cotton Candy to the crazy girl in the ugly blue dress, Fifty Shades of Freak to the crazy Fifty Shades Freak.. wonder where I got that name, and the list goes on…. or as someone on Twitter referred to her as #FiftyShadesofDrunk. Simply amazeballs!

Photo credit : #FiftyShadesofDreak #FiftyShadesofDrunk

Now let’s talk Paige. “I was on Bachelor Pad 3, so that makes me a Bachelor expert and he shouldn’t be giving out roses.” Seriously? She walked into that house like she was THE person to beat, because she’s been on the show before. Umm… you were a FAN on Bachelor Pad who everyone voted off the first night. Wasn’t sad (or surprised) to see that one leave after night 1. Didn’t like her on Bachelor Pad.. don’t like her on Bachelor either.

Overall, episode 1 was pretty uneventful. Sean gave out roses throughout the night as opposed to all during the rose ceremony. I liked that. He sat down and had one on one time with the women and gave them roses then if he felt it was right. I feel like he truly did give people a chance and I like that about him.

My Fave Pick?

Right now… Tierra. I think she was so sweet and if you follow me on Twitter, you know my first impressions always go to the brunettes (sorry) not sure why, that’s just always the case. However, even though she’s a favorite now.. based on previews, I think that will quickly change.

Best Twitter Follows

If you’re a Bachelor fan, you simple MUST be following these people on Twitter. Follow for laughs, spoilers, fact, whatever.

Brotha Fred. THIS tweet is why you need to be following him. Seriously… hilarious and he always has the best #Bachelor tweets. I’ve been a Brotha’ Fred fan since his Charlotte radio days, but his tweets took the cake last night!

If that rose is any form of real life “validation” you have issues beyond any physical impairment that will concern men. This isn’t real!!!!

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Robert Mills. Bachelor producer has some dang funny tweets to share with the world.  Like this

You call that a breakdown??? You’re not fit to share a tampon with@TheOverAnalyst sweetie!! #Bachelor

& lastly… Possessionista. I love her for sharing wardrobe must have’s anyway, but she’s got a funny side too!

It’s like ABC wanted to avoid every possible lawsuit. Disabilities. Ethnicity. Throw in a dude and let’s call it a day. #Bachelor

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…. To which I replied “No, #Bachelor needs a Fat Amy” Who agrees with me? C’mon!?!?!
Seriously friends… get on Twitter and have some fun with us! This is going to be a fun season of Bachelor ya’ll!
Who do you think is rocking that Neil Lane bling right now!?!?!?!

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