The Bachelor {Episode 2} Where’s The Beef?

Posted on Jan 15 2013 - 9:08pm by Kelley

So I’ll be entirely honest here and say I can’t give you a full episode breakdown, because I was way too busy tweeting about the nonsense that filled up my TV screen last night. I really just couldn’t get over the fact that some of these girls are already proclaiming love on the second episode. But then again… we were watching The Bachelor. It seems like every season, the “feelings” start pouring out of each of their mouths sooner, and sooner, and sooner, and sooner! Seriously.

Soo… who got the first 1 on 1 date? Sarah. Yes, Sarah with one arm. And I apologize if you were following me on Twitter last night, because she seemed to take the brunt of all of my jokes and tweets. Sorry… sort of. No, really.

In true Bachelor fashion, Sean arrived via helicopter where Sarah and Sean then plunged down a building to be greeted by champagne. Ya… because, that’s what we all do on first dates! All in all, their date was pretty uneventful I thought anyway. Sarah did her whole talk about how she was told she couldn’t do things due to her only having one arm, but her parents told her she could achieve anything and blah blah blah. The date ended in Sarah going home with a rose.

The group date wasn’t nearly as catty as group dates normally are, BUT it was filled with some women excited to get camera ready and others storming around in a jealous rage. Like, seriously… don’t go on a show competing for a DATE with 25 other gorgeous women and get angry when you see him kissing one of them. And chance are you only have had about 20 minutes with Sean yourself and anyone in their right mind who’s so in love with a man after 20 minutes.. well, you’re crazy in every sense of the word. The end.

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Kacie B. gets the rose on the group date! I truly love seeing her and Sean together. I was a fan of her on her last stint on The Bachelor and I’m a fan of her now. I just think she’s so…. adorable! However, if you want some spoilers…. check this out. Interesting stuff!

The last 1 on 1 went to Desiree who I still can’t figure out if I like. She reminds me of a Katy Perry meets Krysten Ritter. I haven’t quite figured out why yet, but she does. Does anyone else see it?

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I think Desiree is a favorite. Key word : THINK. I really haven’t quite figured out how I feel yet. However, the whole Chris Harrison turns into Johnny Knoxville thing on the date… pretty funny.

At the cocktail party, Lindsay talked to Sean about feeling awkward with the whole wedding dress thing. Really? You actually felt awkward? I wonder why….

Oh ya and at one point, one of the women (Catherine) actually said… “I’m vegan, but I love the beef.” REALLY!? I think Emily Maynard may go all West Virginia hoodrat on you for making such a ridiculous comment like that!!!!!!!

So who went home?

Katie from Charlotte (woop! woop!) sent herself home. I was sad to see Charlotte go, but I’m sure we’ll make our way back in The Bachelor at some point…! Brooke and Diana were sent home without a rose.

& my new favorite part of my recaps…. MUST Twitter Follows!

Check out a local Charlottean’s #Bachelor Tweets : GreenMarketGuy. Like me, he likes to enjoy a glass of wine to accompany him and his tweets 😉

And Chris Bukowski has a comical thing or two to say. Funny, because I’m sure he’s been trending on Twitter a time or two in his Bachelor days!

So let me know your top picks so far. I’m still undecided, but I think Tierra is slowly, but surely making her way to the bottom of my list as we see some tidbits of how the rest of this season unfolds….

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