The Bachelor {Episode 3} Making Connections & Awkward Affections

Posted on Jan 22 2013 - 8:35am by Kelley

Last night’s episode went a tad bit differently in my house. Normally, I have girlfriends over and we drink wine and tweet the craziness, but last night it was just me and my poor husband phone-less (for the most part) and actually paying more attention than in previous weeks.

Yes, I’ll admit. I normally take The Bachelor quite lightly, but I really was able to see Sean connected with some and not so much with others last night.

His first one on one date was with Lesley. I haven’t found her all that entertaining up until this point, and this date changed NOTHING for me. The one word I would use to sum up this day was AWKWARD. They started at the Guinness Book of World Records where they broke a world record. Yes, a world record for……. longest on screen kiss! Although, it should have been most awkward on screen kiss. I think this kiss was even more awkward than Doug’s forced kiss in the middle of a breakup last season.

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First.. I’ve broken a Guinness Book of World Record (twice!) during The Great Cloth Diaper Change and let me tell you… even though kissing Sean might be more enjoyable than changing a diaper, I would rather change a diaper than be a part of that awkwardness that was on my TV last night! Sean even said Lesley was a great kisser and it was such a romantic moment… really!? That’s a LIE! If you call standing with your arms around someone holding still in a liplock that looks like Sean’s the pole on a cold day and Lesley get her lips stuck to it.. okkayyy!

Sadly, we will not be breaking a world record this year (although that’s a whole different post in itself!)… Maybe I’ll try to break the longest on screen kiss? 3 minutes, 17 seconds… easy, right!? Leave it to the producers of The Bachelor to pick an event on a date that will leave their footprint forever… long after The Bachelor’s days are doomed.

During the group date the claws came out. A beach volley ball contest… in bikinis…. fighting for more time with Sean. Ya, the producers knew what they were doing with that one! The blue team one, the red team cried, then the date went on. That’s about how it always goes on this show, right?

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However, Kacie B. made a dummy move and she quickly turned from my favorite to the biggest idiot. Tattling on the other girls and their cat fights never ends well in this show and Kacie whining to Sean ended in her going home and Sean telling all the girls he only ever looked at her as a friend and never felt romantic feelings for her. Ouch! Maybe the third times a charm? You should meet up with Brad Womack!

All in all, I thought the rest of the date was less entertaining… then they all got home and it was the morning of AshLee’s date. Dun Dun Dun… down falls Tierra resulting in an ambulance visit and a fight with paramedics to let her off the stretcher. My first reaction of this whole debacle was, “there’s no way she could fake it. There are cameras everywhere.. who would be dumb enough to even try!?” My final reaction.. “she totally threw herself down the stairs, because she is THAT crazy!”

She jumped right back up like no other and was immediately laughing away with Sean. Pathetic. That’s all I’ll say about that one.

Can I just say… Sean & AshLee are PERFECT. Other than the awkward spelling of her name, this was the first girl so far I have seen Sean really connect with. That date was just so sweet, I had tears in my eyes at how sweet and romantic it was! Sean is truly a sweet and romantic guy and for him to reach out to these girls with terminally ill diseases and for them both to share their date with these girls was heartwarming.

AshLee quickly made it to the top of my favorites list! I really hope she doesn’t turn crazy too, because Tierra was my favorite after episode 1 and we all have seen where that’s going…..

Oh! I almost forgot. Sean brought Sarah’s dog for her! Anyone else think that’s weird? Kacie B. goes home in a van and the dog shows up in a limo. Seriously??

Who Went Home?

Sean asked to talk to Kacie B. privately and sent her rather than sitting through another rose ceremony. In addition to Kacie, Kristy and Taryn went home. Okay.. I have to say this. Taryn was sobbing so devastated she didn’t have a chance to really get to know Sean and him her. I’m sorry, I know it’s early, but if you haven’t taken out the claws to fight for time with Sean yet… were you really going to? Probably not, so give it up and go home more gracefully than that.

Twitter Must Follows

@JenniferWeiner – She was CRACKING me up last night! Even though I didn’t tweet for a lot of the first half, I did try to go through and catch up on missed good tweets. She was seriously funny and you should totally follow her for some hilarious Bachelor scoop!

And of course check out all of my Twitter Must Follow’s from the previous two weeks too!

I would love to know… who do you see Sean making the strongest connection with so far??

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  1. Aly Hirst January 28, 2013 at 9:48 am - Reply

    Kacie really disappointed me. I didn’t watch all of Ben’s season because I really didn’t like him and I had heard who he poked and refused to see another Jake and Vienna situation unravel with the guy picking someone I couldn’t even stand to watch, but I remember really liking Kacie. I think she was trying too hard to force something that she wanted to be there. I agree with your favorites. I loved Tierea until the crazy girl came out. She would be perfect for Bachelor Pad! 🙂 Love AshLee!

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