The Bachelor {Episode 4} That’s just 110 lbs of “Tierrable!”

Posted on Jan 29 2013 - 5:57pm by Kelley

Arie said it first, but it’s now my new favorite word… tierrable! Last night’s episode was seriously TIERRABLE – in more ways than one!

Let’s start with Selma’s one on one. Or how about… Selma’s boobs & Seans one on one. There were more Twitter jokes about her chest last night than I could handle! It ended with a rose, but I honestly didn’t see much of, well anything going on during this date. Except for the fact that Selma told the whole world she weighed 110 lbs!

The group date wasn’t much more entertaining. The best part? After Amanda lied to the girls and told everyone she’s skated before, she fell… on her mouth. The conclusion? She had to go to the hospital, because she may have broken her jaw. That’s some straight up Google working right there! Broken jaw – because, that’s the first thing you would assume when falling roller skating.

No seriously though… it was doomed to come up. Sarah struggled with skating due to only having one arm. Sean saves the day and she overcame that fear. Everyone loves Sarah. Seriously… I’m not saying she’s not sweet, but this is all so cliche. Just like when Emily got the race car date on Brad’s season, this is the producer’s working their magic for a “fearful moment” to come into play. So overdone ABC, so overdone.

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Tierra pulled the whole “I want to go home, I can’t deal with this” only to get the rose on the group date. Sean is acting like Ben Flajnik and I do not like it… not one bit. How can someone be so blind!? Sean even said to her “You know what I think? You like me and you want to get to know me.” No Sean.. she wants to get to know the 15 minutes of fame she can gain from being “that girl” everyone loves to hate on TV! Hello Wes from Jillian’s season, Vienna from Jake’s, Courtney from Ben’s.. and the list goes on….and on…….and on…….

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Leslie got her one on one date. After whining every single episode to date. Guess what? No more tears for Leslie, because she’s dunzo! I was not sad to see her leave and I wasn’t interested in that date whatsoever. It was so clear they had no connection at all and Leslie was more excited about her designer duds and diamonds than she was Sean!

So.. who went home?

Leslie H. was sent packing during her one on one then Amanda was left rose-less after the rose ceremony… both of which I was not sad to see go. Sorry, ladies!

AshLee is still in the lead for my favorite currently. Let’s hope she doesn’t get all crazy and tierrable on us too – because, Tierra was my favorite on night one! – – Oops!

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This week? Arie. HANDS DOWN the best Bachelor tweet ever. You know you want to say it… SHE IS JUST #TIERRABLE!!!!

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