The Bachelor {Episode 5} She’s a Tierrorist!

Posted on Feb 6 2013 - 12:52pm by Kelley

Okay.. let me first start by saying. Congratulations ABC & producers of The Bachelor! You have successfully put together a season to be talked about… err…. a “tierrorist” to be talked about.

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This season has easily been taken off of Sean and finding love to hating Tierra. I can successfully go on record (never mind the 100 times I’ve said it in the last several weeks) in saying we have another Ben Flajnik on our hands. How can Sean be SO FREAKING CLUELESS!?

A whole bunch of randomness and dates went on between Part 1 Monday night and Part 2 Tuesday night, but let’s just get to the good stuff.

  • Tierra was called a TIERRORIST on national TV
  • Sean dumped the one armed girl days before the rose ceremony even took place
  • Selma confessed she didn’t know if she could kiss someone on national TV, because it would shame her family. Apparently, her family likes boobs and that’s no shame though!
  • One of the group dates was to participate in the polar bear plunge. Selma didn’t do it. Tierra did… and well, we all know how that ended

In Part 1’s group date, the girls did an obstacle course and the winning team got to finish the date with Sean. Little did they know.. the loser’s did too! It was no surprise the claws came out and it was actually kind of pathetic to watch… not going to lie. If you got mad that you had to share your date with ANOTHER handful of girls, I’ve got news for you….. YOU WENT ON A TV SHOW TO FIND A DATE KNOWING YOU WOULD BE WITH SEVERAL OTHER GIRLS TO WIN SEAN’S HEART! The end.

Desiree also got another one on one and some girls weren’t happy considering they haven’t had a date yet. Again… he obviously likes her and not you. Put on your big girl panties and move on!

And once again.. back to the tierrorist. Guess who showed up full put together after confessing she had hypothermia? You guessed right! At first I honestly thought she wasn’t acting, but that changed… fast. Sean is just falling right into her trap. I seriously think he’s taking Bachelor tips from Ben. Which makes sense since Ben and Sean are connected… sort of. How?

Remember when?

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And this is now :

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And Sean & Arie are BFF’s. Arie even appeared on the first episode of this season :

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So ya.. Ben and Sean are connected.. sort of and he is seriously NOT learning from Ben (& now apparently his good ol’ buddy Arie’s) dating mistakes… errr.. Courtney.

So who went home?

Between both part 1 and part 2 the following were sent packing, Sarah was sent home days before the rose ceremony when she showed Sean pictures of her family and he didn’t feel a future with her, Selma, Daniella, and Robyn and Jackie went home Monday night during part 1. Tierra is still kicking………

Twitter Must Follows?

I didn’t tweet much this week, but you MUST follow Kirk from Bachelorette Season 6 and Bachelor Pad 2. He didn’t tweet much about the show, but I just love him. He was my favorite when he was on The Bachelorette… and his profile pic kind of beats Sean’s abs… I think anyway 😉


I wonder if tierrable & tierrorist will end up in the dictionary in 2013??

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