Ian Ziering Named the Official ‘Daddy of the Year’ by DaddyScrubs!

Posted on Oct 22 2013 - 12:03pm by Kelley

Celebrity dad Ian Ziering aka Steve Sanders has been up to some fun things since his 90210 days. Ian is now the dad of two adorable little ladies and with his proudest title of all, he has been named Daddyscrub’s official ‘Daddy of the Year!”

Look at that!? Even cuter than 90210 😉

Here’s what Ian had to say about this new title :

“DaddyScrubs bestowed the ‘Daddy of the Year 2013’ distinction on me, and I am very proud of it,” Ian says. “I have taken all of the cues that I picked up from my own childhood with my father. I am very flattered for the distinction, but it’s really a compliment to my own dad. I am happy to follow in his footsteps.”
Daddyscrubs, a popular line of apparal and gifts for dad is recognizing Ziering for the active role he has taken in being a role model to his kids. It’s refreshing to see celebrity parents take on parenting with such ease and setting an example for all of those dad’s out there. It’s so common these days to see celeb parent’s in the media for things other than being a good parent (ahem, you know my opinion on some of them) so it’s so awesome, especially as a mom of two kiddos to see parent’s be role models and use their fame and moment in the spotlight in such positive ways.
“I believe you have to be very present in your children’s development,” the actor shares. “I plan to encourage fathers to do things that they might not think to do on their own. One of the most important things parents should do is spend time with their kids, and reading to them is also very important.”
Way to go Ian! This mom approves 😉
We have a pretty awesome daddy in our house… I think we might need to bestow him with some of this totally awesome DaddyScrubs gear! Doesn’t yours!?

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