JadeYoga {The Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat}

Posted on May 15 2014 - 11:41pm by Kelley

Being a mom to two young toddlers and trying to stay fit has been a challenge. Making time for myself in the midst of the chaos of preschool drop off and pick up, soccer practice, cooking dinner, and everything in between is almost unheard of these days in our house. Having been a runner in the past and always being pretty active, it’s hard to get back into the grind of a regular workout routine, but I have found practicing yoga both helps me get stronger to work my way back up to how I used to be able to handle my workouts and it helps clear my mind and body at the same time.

JadeYoga {The Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats}

Attempting to continue with some major lifestyle changes, I’m also trying to be more conscious of the brands and products I buy. This is one of the huge reasons why I log and appreciate JadeYoga; JadaYoga mats are all made in the USA and are free of PVS and other synthetic rubber.  Aside from being environmentally friendly, the natural rubber the mats are made out of provides a non slip surface… so perfect for hot yoga classes!


I have been through more yoga mats than I can count! Any of the others I’ve tried have either been too thin, too slippery, fabric that starts peeling, a mat that won’t stay flat – you name it! I can say my JadeYoga mat will take me a long way! I haven’t found a mat that works so well in hot yoga… I also have torn cartilage in one of my knees, so having a little more cushion is good for those poses when I”m on my knees – I can get through a whole practice in more comfort on my JadeYoga than any other mat I’ve tried!

A comfortable mat means a much more peaceful and productive yoga session. JadeYoga mats exceed my expectations for a mat and I can honestly say I will be a JadeYoga user for LIFE! The fact that they are conscious about their materials and the environment makes me love them even more – being more cosvious of those things myself makes me even more happy to give business to a company who shares the same passions as I do! Buy a mat, they plant a tree… so you can help JadeYoga give back to the planet for every mat you buy.

I never realized how much can truly rely on the yoga mat you are practicing on. I look forward to giving myself some “me” time every week and heading back to hot yoga on a regular basis.. in my JadeYoga mat and seeing my practice grow and in turn my mind and body be stronger and healthier. No more slipping, ripped up mat, or discomfort. It’s just me and my JadeYoga mat; letting my mind and body relax and focus on a good positive practice.

Check out JadeYoga’s collection… if you’re a yoga lover like I am, you will fall in love! The quality speaks for themselves and I promise you, you will never want another mat – gone are the days of the $20 Target display… my yoga and my practice is changed forever!!

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  1. Tiffany May 16, 2014 at 5:55 pm - Reply

    Nice! I haven’t had great luck with yoga because of my awful knees, but those pretty colors and extra cushioning are very tempting! Glad you’ve found a way to find some me time!

  2. Whitney May 17, 2014 at 1:31 am - Reply

    Sounds comfy! I love all the colors and that they are environmentally friendly. I had a workout mat until our pup started chewing on it. That was 6 years ago. I never replaced it. Ha! These look great though. You might want to try the essential oil Palo Santo on your knees :).

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