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Posted on Jul 19 2014 - 6:41pm by Kelley


Little man and I took a date night this week to check out Planes Fire & Rescue (that hit theaters on Friday!) Dusty and his pals are at it again as Dusty tries to save the day. The beginning reminds me exactly of the start of Cars 2, enter Dusty , the town hero and world famous racer (like McQueen in Cars 2.) It wouldn’t be a Disney movie without a little suspense and conflict.

When Dusty discovers he needs a replacement part that no longer exists to fly, he sets out to save a town race and become a certified fire fighter after it gets shut down for inadequate fire safety.

Planes Fire and Rescue Movie Review | The Best Crowe's Nest


Blade and his crew teach Dusty the ropes and give him a makeover. I loved these new additions, and fun adventures from the first Planes movie. You had the serious rule maker and the funny and witty sidekicks to help ease Dusty into his newfound talent; saving the day.

I love how this movie focuses on doing good things and becoming a hero for that rather than winning a race. Planes Fire & Rescue has many elements the first Planes movie was missing; a real sense of adventure. I truly enjoyed this movie and LC is already asking to see it again! We liked Planes and of course have the movie, but something about Fire & Rescue had me leaving way more satisfied.

While it’s not a Disney classic, Fire & Rescue has a fun modern vibe and something I think as parents we can appreciate with the underlying message it has and showing thanks and gratitude to firefighters everywhere. While the kiddos love the fun additions to Dusty’s look and exciting adventure he embarks on, the parents can appreciate the fact that Disney is showing our kids how important and honorable being a firefighter or first responder truly is.

Check out where Planes Fire & Rescue is playing near you – it would be a fun family date night seeing someone the whole family will love! We can’t wait to see it again!!


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