5 Tips For The First Time Kindergarten Mom

Posted on Aug 25 2014 - 9:09am by Kelley
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5 Tips For The First Time Kindergarten Mom  The Best Crowe's Nest

photo by Nicole Mays.

I shipped my baby off to Kindergarten last week. Leading up to the day and the first week of seeing him off every morning wasn’t easy for this mom. While he was so completely ready, I definitely was not. Gone are the days of lounging as late as we want, staying up late watching movies and having tickle fights, and having nothing but time throughout the day to do whatever we want.

Now starts the days of my sweet little man being more influenced by other adults and friends than he is by me.. and this I struggle with. I’m still struggling with it. Every morning I see him off, I wonder what he’s going to be told and what’s going to be put into that innocent little mind of his. While I started feeling guilty for having all of these feelings (and literally, an email away from pulling him out of school and decided to homeschool,) I realized there is no way I’m the only mom who has these feelings of anxiety, fear, and sadness.

How we got through our first week of kindergarten helped ease all of those thoughts in my mind, so I thought I’d share some tips you.. first time kindergarten mom, because I know so many of my friends have their littles starting this week too!


1. Stay busy. Everyone told me to stay busy, but I didn’t know how important that was until day 2. The first day, we went shopping and stayed out all day until we had to pick him up. Day 2, I decided to come home with my daughter and relax for the day. Bad idea. All I did was watch the clock and wonder what he was doing.

2. Be intentional about spending time with them.  It’s so important to get up in the morning, eat breakfast together, and see him/her off to school. I was guilty of trying to catch a few extra minutes of sleep a few mornings, but I quickly realized how important it is to be intentional about our time with our littles ones, because the hours we have them in the day are dwindling and someday, we’ll regret not waking up a little early to enjoy breakfast before we see our kiddos off to school.

3. Surround yourself with other moms who’ve been through it, or are going through it too. No one else will understand what you’re going through and what you’re feeling like another mom who’s either been through it before, or is going through it now too. I know talking to there moms and knowing how I feel isn’t out of the ordinary made me a feel a little bit better about mourning the end of the baby years.

4. Get involved. I know most first time moms want to jump right in and get involved at your child’s school.. and that is a budding joke with “veteran moms” gladly handing down the torch, but I think being involved (if you can) is so important. I’m so thankfully everyday that I’m able to stay home and raise my babies, and even more thankful now that I have the time to volunteer at his school. I want to get to know his teachers, the people he’s spending time with everyday. I’ve spent the last five years raising him and teaching him principles, of course I want to be aware of those new surroundings that are now teaching and influencing him. Getting involved and getting to know his/her teachers is a great way to help ease your mind of all of those fears and questions you may have going through this for the first time.

5. Ask questions. I am a firm believer in staying involved in your kids lives, and while this is only Kindergarten, I feel like letting them know we are always going to be present by asking questions will stick with them. I want my kids to know that I will always be there and want to be involved in their day to day activities. Even now, I get the whole “nothing” when I ask him what he did today, but as long as I keep asking and act like I want to know and I care.. hopefully that will always stick with him as he gets older.


While these are all pretty simple tips, they’re so important to remember. While doing things like keeping busy will help you get through those first few days (and trust me.. it wasn’t easy, but it did help,) being intentional about time with them, staying involved, and asking questions are all such important things to remember and practice all year. Once everyone is comfortable in a routine, it’s easy to forget things or to draw back a little bit, but if we remember these things, it will help keep us all in line, all year!

Are you a first time Kindergarten mom? If you aren’t, what tips do you have? And if you are, when does your little one start!?

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Image By Nicole Mays.

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  1. Shasta August 28, 2014 at 1:55 pm - Reply

    Thank you for these tips! I have quite a bit of time still since my daughter is only 1.5 years old, but I’ll be pinning your post to remember all this great information. I agree, either staying busy or helping out at the school is a great way to get through your kiddo starting kindergarten!

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