True Tori Season 2 Premiere: Tori Seeks Answers

Posted on Oct 24 2014 - 8:12am by Kelley
True Tori Season 2

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If you follow me on Facebook, it will come as no surprise that I am a huge Tori Spelling fan. Every since her 90210 and Saved by the Bell days, I have loved her. Why? I don’t really know; maybe, because she’s an iconic image of the 90’s and growing up in that era, she was everywhere. Maybe, because I can relate to her? As a busy mom that is; I watch her rush out the door to school, drop from exhaustion at the end of the day, plan extravagant and exciting DIY birthday parties- I do all of those things! I love seeing a celebrity we can relate to.

Then I watched True Tori.

Then Kendra Wilkinson’s new season of Kendra on Top started amidst Hank’s cheating rumors.

I thought to myself.. why do these women, these strong women broadcast these infidelities and their rocky relationships all over television? Do you really want to be sobbing hysterically, showing the world the ugly truth? I realized two things.

True Tori Premiere's Season 2

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True Tori Season 2 Premiere

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1. It’s sad. It really is sad to see these women feel the need to broadcast this horrible time on national television. Why? For money. To let the world know, because the paparazzi, tabloids, everyone else thinks they know, so these women feel the need to tell them the truth before the next big rumor starts spreading. It’s so horrible.

2. Maybe they feel like it’s time to show the world the perfectly UN-perfect world they live in, when everyone only sees the perfection on a regular basis. Tori even said this herself in the season premier of the second season of True Tori; “everyone thought we lived this perfect life.”

I feel like the first season of True Tori, I was even guilty of getting soaked up. I wanted to know what happened, what was going to happen, how she was dealing with it. I was one of those annoying people who felt like I needed to know. This season, I just feel sad for her. I feel so sad that she feels like she has to exploit her life. Same for Kendra. Which gets to me to my next thought.

Why are the men agreeing to do it? Dean sobbing in sorrow, getting frustrated with the healing process, admitting to things even as awful and scary as suicide attempts. Then Hank.. sitting in the corner of the bathroom floor crying for a second chance. Why are they putting themselves through it? I really feel so puzzled. Is money THAT important to these people or is it something deeper?

In the season premier this week, Tori started truly seeking answers. She saw a picture of Dean’s mistress, she started the healing process only to realize once she’s back in their routine, she still can’t forget it. I feel like these are steps to healing and making a decision and hopefully will help guide her one way or another in what to do with her future.

I can’t imagine having to go through learning something as awful as Kendra and Tori did in the public eye. I know that must make it a million times harder than it would be normally, but why exploit it even more? I know Tori’s reasoning is, to set the record straight. And while I can appreciate that, I feel like at some point, it’s going to go too far. At some point you either have to be willing to forgive and forget to move on, let it go; or be done. Right? I know that’s much easier said than done, but I feel like these women owe that to themselves.


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