And The Gender of Baby #3 Is……..

Posted on Dec 18 2014 - 3:58pm by Kelley
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Drum roll please!! Things have been so crazy wrapping up school activities before Christmas break, getting ready for the holiday’s, and crazy schedules – I haven’t had a chance to announce our baby’s gender for you all yet!!

Several weeks ago, we went for a 3D ultrasound at New Beginnings 3D in Gastonia, NC. I was so anxious to get a peek of our baby bean and find out if I should be buying more blue or hanging onto all of our pink! Both kids wanted a brother, our good friends had a baby boy in the spring and they wanted a brother like their friends got. My husband? Well, even though he was going to be happy either way, he wasn’t so sure he could handle another outspoken little lady in the family!! HAHA

I was kind of flip flopping. In the beginning, I was leaning boy.. but, after a while, I was pretty well convinced it was a girl. Who do you think was right!? I’m so, so excited to announce we’ll be adding another sweet little lady to our family in 2015!! While the kids reactions were quite priceless at first, they warmed up to the idea and I know Lavery is going to LOVE having a baby sister to love on!!

See how curled up she is!? I think we have a little gymnast on our hands! She hasn’t been very active at all and always seems to be hiding from the doppler and ultrasound.. always completely curled up just like this! Too sweet!!


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