Connecting With Your Baby With Bellybuds

Posted on Mar 15 2015 - 8:53pm by Kelley

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As I’m in the final weeks of my pregnancy, I’m really trying to find ways to connect with this growing little sweetie inside of me. Being my third and constantly on-the-go with my older two; I’ve really struggled to just sit and relax and enjoy the sweet kicks and punches and really connect with my baby girl.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making an effort to give myself some quiet time to just sing, talk, and enjoy the baby movements and let her know how much I love her. We’ve really been bonding using Bellybuds and listening to the sweet sounds of Mozart and some of my favorite artists with the baby has turned into an almost daily routine.

Connecting With Your Baby with Bellybuds  The Best Crowe's Nest



I never had anything like this with my first two pregnancies and I honestly didn’t realize the true effects of really letting your baby hear the music like that had until I really felt her moving and responding to the music. The music selection available through the Bellybuds store is a soothing variety both mom and baby will enjoy and while I love listening to the music with her, I also love letting her listed while I read a good book or just enjoy some quiet time and enjoy her movements.

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What are the benefits?

Connecting with your baby can bring so many benefits to your relationship out of the womb. As a mom, I think it’s so important to really take time to relax and feel those baby movements and talk to your baby. Bellybuds makes that fun and easy by providing a safe sound system giving you the tools to play music and connect in ways we’ve never been able to before. I can’t express in words how relaxed I feel when I kick my feet up, place the Bellybuds on my belly and enjoy!

They come with adhesive strips you can use to adhere to your belly or you can just tuck them right into your pants to hold them in place. I haven’t used them where I’m moving around a ton yet, so I’ve found they place perfectly on my belly right under my pants.

You can even get the older siblings into it too! My daughter’s favorite thing is snuggling up to me and listening to music with her baby sister while she feels her dance around in my belly.

I know I’ll be able to play the same music to her when she’s born and it will soothe her recognizing the sounds from when she was in the womb too!

Want to make it even more personal? Bellybuds also has a VoiceShare option allowing you to record your voices to play for the baby!

Are you expecting or know someone who is? Give them (or yourself) the gift of connecting with that growing bundle – I honestly don’t know any mom, whether first time or not who wouldn’t love to give these a try!



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