Coming Together at the Dinner Table{Zaycon Fresh & Chicken Soup for the Soul Partnership & Review}

Posted on Apr 20 2015 - 8:54pm by Kelley

Eating around the dinner table as a family of four seems to happen less and less these days. Between dance class, soccer practice, late work nights, kindergarten demands, and a new baby about to arrive; it seems our schedules have us on a more chaotic and fast paced dinner routine than I would like more often than not. But, we do love to all sit down together and share stories about our day and try to do it several nights a week despite our demanding activities.

Coming Together at the Dinner Table with Zaycon Fresh, Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Best Crowe's Nest

I’m so excited to share with you a fun new partnership between two companies coming together to make dinnertime more meaningful in your life. We are HUGE fans of Zaycon Fresh, a farm-to-table delivery service bringing you fresh meat for healthy and less expensive options. We love their chicken breasts, coming in cases of 40lbs and contains no added hormones, additives, or artificial ingredients. Seriously you guys – – you cannot beat this price and value! We have a whole case vacuum sealed in our freezer and I even just picked up a case of their 93/7 lean ground beef today too!

Zaycon Fresh has teamed up with Chicken Soup for the Soul and their new food line to bring you fresh and flavorful dinner options the whole family will love! Their selection of BBQ sauces, pasta sauces, and broths will add that extra flavor to your Zaycon meat for the perfect addition to those summer cookouts or family dinner’s at a great value! I don’t know about you, but as a mom of two (and a third soon to arrive,) meal planning is sometimes non-existent in our house. I love the ease of being able to order my meats in bulk, pick it up on the delivery date, and have it all ready to go – – and now with these Chicken Soup for the Soul products, I can grab my favorites to always have on hand for a quick and easy dinner, like this delicious BBQ chopped salad I literally had done within minutes today!

Zaycon Fresh and Chicken Soup for the Soul  The Best Crowe's Nest


When we pick up our meat from Zaycon, we always package it up into smaller packages. Sometimes I make freezer meals, other times I freeze it plain. We normally do two chicken breasts per vacuum sealed bag. What did I do when I realized this morning I took nothing out for dinner? I literally took one vacuum sealed bag of Zaycon Fresh chicken breasts, dumped them in a crockpot (still frozen) and poured some of this yummy Sweet Chipotle Bourbon BBQ sauce on top and simmered for about 6 hours – voila! I literally went from the picture above.. to this in a matter of minutes!

Sweet Chipotle Bourbon BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad


Sweet Chipotle Bourbon BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad

What You Need :

Chicken Soup for the Soul Sweet Chipotle Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Two boneless skinless chicken breasts


Corn (I used a bag of frozen)

Chopped cucumber

Chopped tomatoes

Ranch dressing

Crushed tortilla chips and shredded cheese for toppings as desired

I literally cooked the chicken in the BBQ sauce in the crock pot, chopped up the rest of the ingredients and threw it all together! We even made it fun and let the kiddos help tossing the ingredients and my husband and I chopped together!

The kiddos had their chicken in slider buns and loved it and we even have leftovers for BBQ chicken wraps tomorrow — minutes of cooking got us two meals! That means more family time and we even sat down together with my son’s new game where we choose cards that ask us questions to get the whole family talking. Our favorite question of the night?

Coming Together at the Dinner Table  The Best Crowe's Nest

What’s your favorite part of the day? You want to know mine? When my husband gets home from work and we can all share special moments like those, talking together about our day and plans for tomorrow.

What about you? What’s your favorite part of the day? Join me in discussion here, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and check out Zaycon Fresh and Chicken Soup for the Soul too!

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