Bachelor Banter // Week 3 Pick for Bachelor Ben!

Posted on Jan 20 2016 - 9:32pm by Kelley

Bachelor Banter with The Best Crowe's Nest | My Pick's for Bachelor Ben


Welcome to my next installment of “Bachelor Banter!” Have you been watching as Ben gets closer with the ladies? I’ll admit, I had to fast forward through a good chunk of this week’s episode. Until you really get to know the girls, those one-on-one dates are seriously hard to watch! You agree? I feel like it’s been a little slow moving in the mansion with a few girl’s stealing the show (ahem Lace and Olivia much!!??)

BUT.. SPOILER ALERT! I was SO HAPPY TO SEE LACE GO HOME! Are you with me!!?? I think she realized she wasn’t going to be sticking around much longer and ended it before Ben embarrassed her with a roseless ceremony.

Why don’t I just cut to the chase and give my thoughts in a few short sentences ::

Lace decided to save face from an embracing exit during a rose ceremony and opted to head home and work on herself. Ben was clearly not very sad to see her go, but he’s too sweet to admit it.

Ben and LB had a pretty intimate date and seemed to connect pretty well, but I’m really just not all that convinced she’s “in” it for good.

Jubilee started to open up a little more on her date… but, I’m still not seeing her making it until the end.

And Amber whined her way through the entire episode. I didn’t like her on Chris’ season and I really don’t like her on this season. She has GOT TO GO!

While I still love Amanda for Ben and feel like she’s probably still my top choice, I’m also a big Becca fan too and would love to see her and Ben heat things up a little!!

Check this snap of Becca with fellow Bachelorette buddies Kaitlyn Bristowe and Whitney Bischoff I snagged from Becca’s Twitter profile.

Becca Tilley with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Whitney Bischoff The Bachelor

Oh.. and I’m STILL swooning over Ben over here! This season really is “The Perfect Ben!”

Ben Higgins The Bachelor


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  1. Deborah Gardner February 2, 2016 at 3:36 am - Reply

    I was also very happy to see Lace go! Ben seems like a caring guy, I hope he finds a really nice, thoughtful girl!

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