Quick Diaper Bag Additions for Moms from the Cottonelle Clean Care Box

Posted on Jul 16 2016 - 3:55pm by Kelley

Quick Diaper Bag Additions for Moms from the Cottonelle Clean Care Box

Summertime is full of longer days, shorter nights, & playing in the sun! Since our family went on our big family vacation this year straight after school got out, our summer’s have been filled with day trips and short weekend getaway’s. I’ve been trying to keep the kiddos busy without my husband having to take several vacation days off he just doesn’t have to use this year.

With those short little getaway’s, comes having to learn to pack quickly and efficiently. It’s been my goal to be able to pack our entire family of five into the smallest getaway bag I can… and with three kiddos and a husband to pack for on top of myself, that’s quite the task. Even though it’s summer and I’ve been nixing the makeup as much as possible, I still have a few essentials I need to make sure go with me everywhere we go, so I thought I’d share my quick packing essentials to take with you on a weekend getaway and be able to fit everything us moms need in your diaper bag.. because, let’s face it, the diaper has to go regardless, right!? So why not make it easier on yourself and take easy travel essentials us moms can use without having to pack a separate bag.

Travel Essentials for Moms

I’m able to get away with not using a whole separate bag to myself thanks to these items found in the Clean Care Box at Target! (note : the Clean Care Box is all sold out (aww man!!) But, you can still snag each of these items at Target to buy separately! (yay!!!)

  1. Toilet Paper –  I like what I like, and I like to always have a roll handy when traveling to use in the hotel. Because, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, it’s easy to toss a roll in my bag to take on-the-go! Cottonelle’s CleanRipple texture is designed to not only give you a better clean, but it’s much more soft and comfortable than any hotel toilet paper you’ll find along the way!
  2. Flushable Cleansing Cloths – I love these cleansing cloths! I use them for everything from cleaning up messy hands to wiping dirty faces. The flushable part makes them an obvious choice for travel too! Infused with pro-vitamin complex, these are a soft and easy way to travel in luxury!
  3. Kleenex Facial Cleansing Cloths – Even though there isn’t a lot of makeup wearing going on this disgusting heat, these cleansing cloths are perfect for travel! No bottles to pack and risk spilling and the fresh scent gives you that quick refresh we moms need after crazy travel days with kiddos!
  4. Kleenex Tissues. Ever be on the road and have a kid sneeze then two seconds later hear them scream, because they have snot running down their face? (sorry for the TMI, but it’s true – right!?) Toss a small pack of tissues in your diaper so you always have them.. especially for those times you’re stuck in the car with no stop in sight!
  5. Skinfix Hand Cream & Repair Balm – To have those dry cracked hands & lips.. I know I sometimes need a quick fix and these bottles are perfect for travel!
  6. Loofa Sponge – ALWAYS, ALWAYS take your own loofa! Bring a little piece of home when traveling.. there’s some sort of comfort in home anywhere you are, isn’t there!??

Diaper Bag Travel Additions for Moms with Cottonelle Clean Care Box

While all of these items are sold out in the Clean Care Box, you can still go HERE to shop each individual item. Help make your summer packing a little easier moms and take advantage of all of these items you can snag at your local Target! They’re compact and useful to just toss right along with all your baby essentials and not even need a second bag!

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