3 Ways to Save on Back-to-School + Give Back to Your School Too!

Posted on Aug 6 2016 - 7:07pm by Kelley

We are in full on back-to-school mode over here! We start back earlier than most schools in our area, so we’re gearing up for our last week of freedom. I got a head start on school supplies this year, so we’ve been done with that for a while now at least. I had a few last minute things to pick up today before our lists were complete. Since we’re buying supplies for two kiddos this year (helllloooo Kindergarten for our little lady!!) I wanted to really make sure I was getting the best deals on those long lists we had to check off.

3 Ways to Save on Back-to-School + Give Back to Your School Too!

Three ways we saved big this year were super helpful on my wallet!

  1. Reuse what you can from last year. I never really thought to dig through our drawers and craft cabinets for the scissors we’ve used in the past, but this year I totally did! I labeled them with their names to be sure we got them back at the end of the year to do the same next year too!
  2. Buy regular essentials like glue sticks, pens, and pencils when you see them on sale throughout the year. I did this last year, so I had gluesticks and some markers tucked away we were able to use and I saved a ton more than I would have if I bought them while all the school supplies are hot commodities.
  3. If you’re buying for multiple kiddos, by the multi-packs! I got two 3 packs of Kleenex (that also include fun Finding Dory designs, so perfect for Kindergarten!) and saved a ton than if I were to buy single boxes. I did the same for hand sanitizing wipes, and household type essentials we had on our lists too.

Finding Dory Kleenex at WalMart

Another thing to consider is how you can give back to your school. By purchasing products with Box Tops, you can earn money for your school without even spend a dime in addition to what you’re already buying anyway. Earn double box tops of Kleenex, Scott, & Viva products at Wal-Mart right now. Stock up not only school supplies your child needs to take with them to school, but also on household essentials too! I picked up a big pack of Scott 1000 at Wal-Mart, because toilet paper is something my family is always running out of faster than I can keep in stock. With those, I earned double box tops for our school at the same time!

Earn Double Box Tops at Walmart!

Purchase the following right now at your local Wal-Mart and earn double box tops points your child can bring into their school! 10 Box Tops = $1!

  • Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissue – 4 Pack, 85 Sheets
  • Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissue – Finding Dory – 3 Pack, 210 Sheets
  • Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissue – Captain America – 3 pack, 160 Sheets
  • Scott 1000 – 20 Rolls
  • Scott Extra Soft Double Roll – 30 Rolls
  • Viva Vantage Big Roll – 6 Rolls

Get a head start on school supplies shopping (or in my case, finish up) and earn double box top points to help our your school at the same time! I know everyone may not have extra money to just hand out to our schools even though we would all love to be able to do that, right? This is a great way to help support our kids and their education without spending ay extra money other than what we already need on school supplies and for our home!

Learn more about Box Tops and what products quality for double points HERE.

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