A Mom’s Guide to Healthy + Easy Snacking for Toddlers #Superfoodsnacktime

Posted on Apr 7 2017 - 2:05pm by Kelley

Let me start this by saying… my baby likes to EAT! She would eat all day if I let her. About 30 minutes, I hear the little hands banging on the pantry door, then her little voice asking for more “cheeyeeos!” My little lady is happiest with some snacks on her plate and her belly gettin’ full!


If your toddler is like mine, you’re also right in the middle of the lovely world of terrible 2’s and a food fight and flying dishes is a normal occurrence at the table. Lucky for you mom’s, this is my third time going through this phase, so I’ve got some tips for you!

  1. Prep everything ahead of time. I always chop up the grapes, strawberries, whatever fruit I have in the fridge before I even put it away and store it in little containers. You can use these Double Duty Plates by The First Years to store them and then your fruit is already cut up for quick distribution and avoid an impatient toddler meltdown.
  2. Before you start preparing whatever meal you’re making at the moment, give your toddler a cup of whatever their favorite drink is. I’ve found filling up a sippy cup of almond milk, water, or juice always helps to keep my daughter happy while I get her meal ready at the table. Our favorite are these Simply Spoutless cups, because it’s less parts to deal with taking apart and cleaning and she can feel like a big girl too!
  3. Plates with suction cups! Moms, these ARE a real thing! And let me tell you… they are a lifesaver! This has cut down on the messes left for the dogs to clean up for sure!

Three three simple little things can help make mealtime and the prepping just a little bit easier. I feel like we’re always looking for these tried and true mom hacks to help make life easier, right? Well, sometimes it’s as simple as thinking ahead and doing a little prep each week for the days ahead. I know it’s sometimes a pain to chop things up ahead of time, but believe me when I say when it comes time to feed your hungry toddler breakfast.. you’ll be glad you did! 

All of the products mentioned in this post are all available at Target too! You know you love some Target.. don’t we all!?

Have your own snack time hack for mom’s or a fun snack idea for little ones? Post a snap of your little ones on Instagram and tag me! Have your own favorite product from The First Years? Share it with hashtags #SuperFoodSnackTime and #TheFirstYears – I’d love to check them out!


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