Guilt Free Treats for Moms

Posted on Jun 6 2017 - 10:44pm by Kelley

Wake up

Make breakfast

Clean up breakfast

Get the kids dressed

Get yourself dressed

Run errands

Taxi the kids to playdates

Make lunch

Clean up lunch

…. You get the idea, right? Us moms never get a break. I love this life. I prayed for this life. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t need a break… right? When my kids go to bed, I like to sit down with my feet up, put General Hospital on, and indulge in a little treat. Don’t you?


Kemps Yo2 Frozen Yogurt is made without all of the yucky ingredients I try to avoid.

  • NO high fructose corn syrup
  • NO artificial flavors
  • NO artificial growth hormones

…. and the calorie aren’t bad either! I kind of drooled over the Salty Caramel Cookie Dough, but the Cold Brewed Coffee was pretty awesome too! You can find it in the aisle’s of Harris Teeter… which feels like my home away from with three kiddos and what seems like a pantry that empties itself daily. 


This mom is going to learn to get sneaky like my kiddos hiding these things in my shopping cart every shopping trip to build up a stash! 


Hurry! Go find yours in the heavenly… errr… frozen aisle’s of a Harris Teeter near you! And here’s a coupon for $1 off to try it for yourself. You can thank me in the comments!

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