Happy Tots! How To Sneak In Some Greens in Your Preschool Lunches

Posted on Mar 31 2018 - 9:55am by Kelley



It’s 10pm. You’re exhausted. Your feet hurt from running around all day. All the kids are sleeping and you’re about to doze off to your favorite reality show or soap opera on the couch. All of a sudden, you realize you still haver to make the kids lunches for tomorrow.

Sound familiar?

Packing lunches is my least favorite thing to do. My husband hates it too, but he often picks up the task for me, because he’s just the best, right? The least I can do is pick up a few easy goodies to throw in that makes the process a little less painless. My biggest struggle as a mom though is finding healthy options that are pre-packaged and easy to just toss in. Those pre-packaged lunch box items also make clean up way easier in the afternoon, but the problem? They’re almost always loaded with sugar and other added ingredients we try not to load up our kids on regularly.

This week, I took the little diva on a little mommy and me shopping trip to Publix to pick up a few things for her lunches. Our favorite find? HappyTot Whole Milk Yogurt Pouches.


The pouches are perfect for sneaking in some greens (the orange box has spinach in it!) And isn’t filled with all the added sugars. It’s not often we can trust a brand to provide a convenient product for kids with the following :

• Mindfully Made with Probiotics

• No added sweeteners (which this mama of three kiddos GREATLY APPRECIATES!!)

• Non-GMO

• USDA Organic

• Whole Milk Yogurt with Vitamin D


Be like me and make packing lunches easier with a healthy lunch box addition your toddler will LOVE! And grab this coupon to save yourself some money while you do it!


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