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Posted on Apr 16 2018 - 8:24pm by Kelley

You’ve seen my posts over the last couple of days, but participating in this Blog Tour has been so fun! We’ve shared an inside look at how the author wrote Charlie & the Frog, a review of A Friendly Town That’s Almost Always By the Ocean, and today we’re chatting about Burning Magic by Joshua Khan, which is the third installment of his Shadow Magic trilogy.


In this sizzling adventure, Lily the sorcerer queen and Thorn the giant-bat-whisperer journey to the Sultanate of Fire to help their friend K’leef in a no-holds-barred contest for the throne.

When Lily, aka the “witch queen” and bat-rider extraordinaire Thorn travel to Sultanate of Fire, things go terribly wrong. Instead of celebrating a reunion with their old friend K’leef, they are thrust into royal murder, an epic quest, and a deadly battle for the throne.

While investigating the murder, Lily learns shocking truths about her life that could destroy all she has achieved. Yet, among the ruins of her old life, she has the opportunity to become someone greater . . . and more terrifying.

Thorn and the magnificent bat, Hades, join the timid K’leef and the idiotic Gabriel Solar in a quest to find a phoenix. These fire birds are the key to saving the sultanate, but they nest within the Shardlands. The boys must defeat not only the monsters of that magical wilderness, but also rivals eager to claim the throne for themselves. Rivals that include a renegade from House Shadow.

My son described this as “Harry Potter-eque.” Having never read the first two books in the trilogy, it was still really easy to get into the story. This is an exciting story and one I enjoyed hearing Landyn recap for me each night! Sometimes it’s hard getting him to really get into a story, but he enjoyed trying to investigate along with Lily throughout this book!

Khan makes it easy to envision the scene throughout the book with lots of great detail and as a mom, allowing kids to really dive in and use their imaginations is something I always praise in a great book! 

If you’re looking for a birthday gift for a school buddy or any young reader you know, this is a great trilogy to check out! Burning Magic is available now! And I know Landyn is already eager to backtrack and read the first two then finish the trilogy off with this one for a second time! 

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